New Horizons Philanthropy and Empowerment

Teaching people around the world to succeed.

New Horizons’ mission is to remove obstacles and give people all over the world every opportunity to reach their potential.

Here’s how we’re doing it around the world:

Internet opportunities

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In 2011, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers became a corporate supporter of the World Computer Exchange, North America's leading nonprofit provider of high-quality, low-cost refurbished desktop computers and peripherals to developing countries.

  • New Horizons provided an initial gift of $10,000 to sponsor a shipment of 200 refurbished computers to 15 schools in an emerging country.
  • The schools' computer labs will introduce 7,000 students every year to Internet opportunities and the skills needed to take advantage of those opportunities.
  • Once the equipment has been installed, a New Horizons staff member will join the WCE eCorps training team visiting the schools and will help our partners maximize the value of the computers and their preloaded educational content.

Making the Germany-Nepal connection

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The New Horizons Computer Center in Hamburg, Germany helped change the lives of children in a small village in Nepal. Jörg Sievers, general manager, and Eva Pleger, account manager, contacted Shante Griha, who is in charge of a project that provides education infrastructure support in Nepal, and learned that the primary school in the village was in need of a new computer classroom. New Horizons Hamburg donated €10,000 that provided educational support and computer training to children in the village. New Horizons Hamburg was able to help break the cycle of poverty in this small part of the world through education that can lead to meaningful employment.

Homeless to hired in Memphis

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Greg Kirkendoll became a student at New Horizons Memphis to sharpen his computer skills after being laid off from his job. After three months of unemployment, Greg could no longer receive unemployment checks and lost his home. Quitting his classes was not an option. He was able to continue his courses with the support of his classmates, his instructors and an education grant from the Workforce Investment Network.

Upon learning of his situation, Greg’s instructor, Bobbye Garrity and her husband, Mike Garrity, took Greg into their home so he could continue to learn the skills he needed and get back into the workforce. After eight months, Greg landed his first job interview and was chosen out of 40 candidates for a warehouse lead position at International Paper. "I thank God," said Kirkendoll. "I thank New Horizons.”

Gainesville: “No excuses” effort

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The team at New Horizons Gainesville helped to accommodate and encourage Mike McConkey, a special needs student with Asperger’s Syndrome, to achieve his CompTIA A+ certification. To do this, Mike took courses with New Horizons’ Mentored Learning modality where he received one-on-one assistance from Mentor Tim Keisling. Tim worked with Mike to create a study routine, pinpoint his weak areas and help him focus on his studies. With the extra attention and tremendous effort, Mike successfully passed the A+ certification exams.

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