For many workers, the coronavirus means transitioning business operations to the home office. But how do you maintain business continuity when your entire team is distributed? 

Together with SkillSoft, New Horizons is offering a free 30-day subscription to our Business Continuity course collection. These courses are designed to help you maintain normal business operations during a time of crisis. Learn how to assess risk and mitigate the effect of disruptions on your business, along with tips and best practices for remote workers. Topics include:

  • Forging Ahead with Perseverance and Resilience
  • Managing in a Crisis
  • Expert Insights on Adapting to Change
  • Becoming a Successful Collaborator
  • Expert Insights on Collaboration
  • Assessing Your Organization's Risks
  • Expert Insights on Managing Risk
  • Responding Effectively to Risks
  • Establishing Effective Virtual Teams
  • Expert Insights on Managing Virtual Teams
  • Facing Virtual Team Challenges
  • Leadership Insights on Leading Virtually

Once you start your subscription, you will receive unlimited access to the courses above for a full 30 days. Now is the perfect time to learn new skills that will help you excel in any office environment. Sign up for our Business Continuity courses today, and make working from home work for you.

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