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Continuously upgrade with award-winning IT training

Gain the technology skills that companies are demanding.

Whether you’re looking to change careers or advance in your current one, there’s a voice in your head telling you there’s something bigger and smarter you could do with your career if you had the right IT training.

New Horizons has fueled the ambitions of more than 30 million people, providing the technology training demanded most by companies looking to hire, retain and nurture top technology talent.

With more than 70 locations in North America, the New Horizons Franchise network spans six continents and over 35 countries embracing many cultures and languages, New Horizons has the global presence, course accessibility and experience to help you thrive in a rapidly evolving IT job market. We call it a human upgrade—a more capable, productive, valuable version of yourself.

The most effective, proven way for IT professionals to demonstrate these skills is through certification. Click here to view the Value of IT Certification whitepaper.

 Change Careers

Change Careers

Change can be intimidating, but it can also be exciting. Especially when you’re utilizing the resources of New Horizons IT training.

 Plus our innovative, award-winning learning methods—from the anytime/anywhere access of Labs on Demand to Online LIVE® and Mentored Learning®—ensure you’ll be fully prepared to launch into an in-demand IT career, at your pace and on your schedule.

New Horizons Training

New Horizons offered a lot of courses that helped me advance my career. Some of those courses were why I was promoted above others.
Joe Kenny, USA


What are the time and resource commitments for an IT education?


New Horizons provides highly focused and relevant in-demand IT training and certification preparation for a variety of IT career paths—typically with a shorter time and smaller financial commitment than a two- or four-year degree.


 Advance Your Career
Change Careers

When it’s time to make a move, New Horizons IT training has the courses and certifications to broaden your skillset and advance your career. We offer the largest guaranteed-to-run course schedule in the world, and an extensive array of the vendor-authorized training and certifications that are in highest demand—including Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and VMware.

Whether your goal is more income, greater recognition or a bigger role in your company’s growth, all it takes is the right upgrade.

Students are very satisfied with New Horizons instructor performance

Projected IT Career Growth:

  • Computer Support Specialists up 18% from 2010 to 2020
  • Computer System Analysts up 22% from 2010 to 2020
  • Network systems analysts up 53% from 2010 to 2020

The experience with the track building helped me get a better C.I.O. position with another company. New Horizons tailored the classes to help me succeed at advancing both my system and my career knowledge.
Ron Thomason, Columbus, OH


Which IT jobs are most in demand?


There is a continuing and growing need for skilled, certified people in several areas of IT. For instance, Software Developers with strong computer programming skills will meet the increasing demand for computer software.

Several industries require expert Database Administrators to optimize their data collection efforts. And companies with an ever greater need to keep their data safe from cyber attacks will require qualified Information Security Analysts.


Career Training


New Horizons Instructor-Led Training the foundation of our Integrated Learning Approach offers more courses, times and locations than anyone else in the industry. Learn more.

This innovative learning method combines vendor-authorized curriculum with a dynamic virtual live classroom environment and the largest Guaranteed-to-Run course schedule in the world. Learn more about Online LIVE.

Our Microsoft Innovation Award-winning learning method lets you learn at your own pace with the guidance of a certified instructor. Learn more about Mentored Learning.

Train employees flexibly on industry-leading curriculum while keeping everyone productive and eliminating travel and downtime costs. Learn more about On-site Training.

Use this Web-hosted, self-paced learning method to access the same comprehensive course content as New Horizons’ world-renowned Instructor-Led Training. Explore Online ANYTIME.

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