Choice Mobile Apps

Choice Mobile Apps

CHOICE Mobile Apps provide New Horizons students the ability to access key course content anytime, anywhere - right on their mobile devices!

Extend the Classroom Experience

  • Access CHOICE content on popular mobile devices before or after class while on the job or studying for a certification exam, or during class itself while completing course work!
  • Available for all New Horizons courses that feature CHOICE content, including Microsoft Office and Windows 10, Google Apps and Google Cloud Services, Adobe Creative Cloud, CompTIA, Logical Operations CyberSec First Responder Certification and CyberSAFE, NCTA CloudMaster, CRM and Digital Marketing, Web Development and Mobile Programming, ITIL and other IT Service Management, and courses in many other technology areas – ask your local New Horizons franchise for more details!

The Mobile Experience at New HorizonsThe Mobile Experience

  • Download CHOICE app through your app store
  • Log-in to existing CHOICE account
  • Accounts must be initially created within a web browser
  • Access content optimized for mobile devices, including LearnTOs and Checklists

CHOICE Mobile App Availability

  • iPhone - Search "LO Choice" in Apple App Store (available exclusively for iOS7 and iOS8)
  • iPad - Search "LO Choice" in Apple App Store (available exclusively for iOS7 and iOS8)
  • Android Phone - Search "LO-Choice" in Google Play Store

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